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  • Model: GL 6032

    Model: GL 6031


Air Quality Indication

The colour of the Light Indicator changes with the quality of the air inside the room. The air quality light indicator automatically illuminates when the appliance is switched ON.

Filter Replacement Indicator

Once the filters get choked the air purifier indicates that it is time for cleaning and replacement of filters. The filter replacement light glows and the speed lights start flashing.

Auto Mode

The built-in air quality sensor measures the ambient airquality and automatically selects the most appropriate speed setting to guarantee the best possible air quality in your room.When the air is clean, the appliance will run on slowest speed.

Night Mode

The appliance works in harmony with its surroundings.In auto mode, the appliance automatically switches to night mode when the room in which it is operating becomes dark. The lights of the appliance go out, the fan speed and noise level are reduced and the energy consumption is minimized.

5 Steps Air Purification

Do you know........?


  • An increasing number of people suffer because of pollution in the air and therefore are more susceptible to colds and allergies.
  • A recent study revealed a secret that many people donot know, the air inside offices and homes is moredirty than the air outside, Indoor air pollution ismade up of pollen, dust, spores, cigarette smoke,cooking smoke, skin flakes, animal dander, dirt, carpetfibres and even bacteria and viruses. And these pollutants circulates throughtout your home or offices,they are trapped indoor specially in air-conditioned areas, so not only is outdoor air kept out, but indoorair is sealed in... with you. In some offices it may give rise to lethargy and general malaise, commonly referred to as “sick building syndrome”.
  • Some of the particles are easily visible, like those yousee in a ray of sunlight through the window. But forevery particle you see, there are 99 particles small tosee.

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